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In the example above "address" is an array which consists of 4 elements: city, state, street and house number. Since ColdFfusion 10, JSON null values become undefined. Define the user interface in an external JSON file. Arrays in JSON are almost the same as arrays in JavaScript. Available on NuGet. The json1 extension is a loadable extension that implements fifteen application-defined SQL functions and two table-valued functions that are useful for managing JSON content stored in an SQLite database. JsonObject. The ConvertTo-Json cmdlet converts any object to a string in JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) format. oData and JSON Format The Open Data Protocol (OData) is a data access protocol built on core protocols like HTTP and commonly accepted methodologies like REST for the web. We will explain how to create a jersey rest service version 1 and version 2. json is an example for the demonstration. Where did the posted data go? To the file where you want the posted data to be processed! But in our example, we just print the posted data. This document describes how to use the Custom Search JSON API. As its name suggests, JSON is derived from the JavaScript programming language, but it's available for use by many languages including Python, Ruby, PHP, and Java. A single unicode character (other than the special characters below) matches itself. “That looks a bit like HSTORE in PostgreSQL though”. ObjectMapper is an important class. In the previous section of JSON-Java example you have learned how to create a java class by using JSON classes. Using R to download and parse JSON: an example using data from an open data portal Posted on February 12, 2015 by [email protected] There are also assorted JSON-specific functions. Declarative templates with data-binding, MVC, dependency injection and great testability story all implemented with pure client-side JavaScript!. ” It has become a lingua franca for simple web services, preferred over XML because of its simplicity and compactness. JSON defines a small set of formatting rules for the portable representation of structured data. 4, if the JSON file contains a syntax error, the request will usually fail silently. It was proposed by Bob Ippolito in 2005. For example, one of the most common typos or syntax errors in JSON is adding an extra comma separator at the end of an array or object value set. Transact-SQL Syntax Conventions. The following example shows how to use the JsonSlurper to parse a JSON string. Neighboring rows with the same value are called peer rows. Early versions of JSON (such as specified by RFC 4627) required that a valid JSON text must consist of only an object or an array type, which could contain other types within them. JSON-LD has come a long way in the past 4-5 years since this site was created. Generally speaking, you will be loading JSON data from a stream (most likely a network stream from communicating with a web server), however, in this example the JSON is hardcoded into a string and then accessed through a MemoryStream. DNS Lookup is an online tool that will find the IP address and perform a deep DNS lookup of any URL, providing in-depth details on common record types, like A, MX, NS, SOA, and TXT. We will use another way(i. c and the associated tutorial. ajax() method is also possible, you can just replace the serialize() part with your JSON string. This specification defines a new form encoding algorithm that enables the transmission of form data as JSON. JSON Example. If you're using an earlier version of Python, the simplejson library is available via PyPI. BUT, that doesn't mean you can't use them. YAML vs JSON. = are merged in the appropriate place in the hierarchy. It has been designed with LINQ in mind to enable quick querying and creation of JSON objects. This specification defines a JSON [RFC4627] structure which allows a JSON value to reference another value in a JSON document. sh was released. When this happen just recheck the option that everything will work again * Works on local files (if you enable this in chrome://extensions) Features * Syntax highlighting * 27 built-in themes * Collapsible nodes * Clickable URLs (optional) * URL does not matter (the content is analysed to determine if its a JSON or not) * Inspect your json. jQuery getJSON, getJSON() is equivalent to a Ajax function with 'json' datatype, which can load JSON format data from server. OrderedDict), indent=4)". Below is the sample JSON file including comments in JSON data. Square brackets hold arrays and values are separated by , (comma). In fact, there are a number of scenarios that would benefit from dynamic typing in my opinion in addition to interop with other dynamic code. Arrays in JSON are almost the same as arrays in JavaScript. To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below. Second, you need to typecast my example JSON to be a dictionary of type [String: Any] so that you can start working with your JSON values. A JSON file is a file that stores simple data structures and objects in JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) format, which is a standard data interchange format. We have many ready-to-use Plugins and a simple API for creating new ones. As JSON data is often output without line breaks to save space, it is extremely difficult to actually read and make sense of it. Finding fun public JSON feeds to experiment with is surprisingly difficult, so I thought I’d compile a list of as many interesting and useful examples as I could find. RDF Binary is a binary encoding of RDF (graphs and datasets) that can be useful for fast parsing. JSON (pronounced “Jason”) is short for “JavaScript Object Notation. It is designed to be simple!. Online JSON formatting and syntax highlighting to help turn JSON from raw to easily readable. The optional data parameter is either an object or a string that is sent to the server with the request. More information about JSON can be obtained at. nginx { "sensor": "gps", "time": 1351824120, "data": [ 48. About DNS-Lookup. Complete JSON editor for Windows with JSON syntax-coloring, auto-completion, well-formed checking, JSON to XML/CSV conversions, JSON Schema validator and more. It's very simple and easy way to parse JSON Data and Share with others. For example, Paragraph, Heading, Image, Video, List are Blocks. tagged values ((tag)value). Authors, publishers and universities use Leanpub to publish amazing in-progress and completed books and courses, just like this one. Here is an example. ObjectMapper is an important class. :: session. The JSON output from different Server APIs can range from simple to highly nested and complex. This article. It is strictly data. Put JSON in the text area below, click the "Pretty Print JSON" button, and see pretty printed JSON. Using the PHP-MySQL code bellow the table, we have created a JSON document. 8 Library" library. Data is separated by commas. ; reviver - A function that prescribes how the value originally produced by parsing is transformed, before being returned. JSON Validator ( JSON Lint ) is easy to use JSON Validate tool. The JsonSerializer converts. The right Lift-JSON jar for Scala 2. Note To loop over a object array in JSON formatted string, you need to converts it to JavaScript object (with JSON. Hello, in WordPress cart I get a “SyntaxError: Unexpected token” in JSON at position 12 “. Converting a JSON Text to a JavaScript Object. This document contains many example JSON payloads or partial JSON payloads. login () with a domain key value to log directly into the domain of choice or alternatively switch from domain to domain. You can then use the ConvertFrom-Json cmdlet to convert a JSON-formatted. Square brackets hold arrays. This page is being used by the RDF WG to harvest different approaches to enabling the key features of RDF, in JSON. So far our JSON schema has been wholly self contained. Editing JSON with Visual Studio Code. Deployment. JSON Object Example. JSON or JavaScript Object Notation is a lightweight text-based open standard designed for human-readable data interchange. The cURL-JSON plugin queries JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) data using the cURL library and parses it according to the user's configuration using Yet Another JSON Library (YAJL). We will use Spring latest version 4. Let's see a simple example of getting JSON data using AJAX code. The syntax is designed to easily integrate into deployed systems that already use JSON, and provides a smooth upgrade path from JSON to JSON-LD. GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets. Jettison is a StAX implementation that reads and writes JSON. I also focused on the REST architecture. c and the associated tutorial. The home of JSON Schema. Processing JSON data is fast and easy unlike the complex process of parsing and writing XML files. URI instead of java. Node Module Of The Week - json-server; Mock up your REST API with JSON Server. We have consumed either xml or json request but not both xml and json in a single method. JSON-COM: JSON on the wire, or rules that apply when communicating JSON data. The examples on this page attempt to illustrate how the JSON Data Set treats specific formats, and gives examples of the different constructor options that allow the user to tweak its behavior. This is a reference implementation. What is JSON? What is JSON? JSON is a way to store, persist data in a structure which is easy to read and easy to access. JSON is a data-interchange format with syntax rules that are stricter than those of JavaScript's object literal notation. parse(s) Then, we would have the object o to work with, which would be identical to the object obj. That's a data type for storing key/value pairs but it is an extension, where JSONB (and JSON) are in the core and HSTORE is one-deep in terms of data structure where JSON documents can have. The data is also meaningless in terms of what it represents such that an object property of "name" that is a string will be generated as, for example, "[email protected]#fjs01je#$42wfjs" - The JSON generated is so you have a representative structure, not representative data. generate c# classes from a json string or url. You can use the JsonParser to load a JSON stream from either a file or a buffer and then walk the hierarchy using the data types API. Here's a simple example of how you can use JavaScript to store a JSON text, then output it to a web page. On the project we did a lot of coding with Javascript and the main function was jQuery’s Ajax. It's extremely simple to understand, IMHO. JSON is widely used in web applications or as server response because it's lightweight and more compact than XML. Ease of Use. For example, if a hacker inserts non-JSON code into the string, like a Trojan horse, the targeted algorithm executes the text in as if it were Javascript and then returns the value of the last statement. Return value. json (alongside compilerOptions, files, include, and exclude). Have more. In JavaScript, array values can be all of the above, plus any other valid JavaScript expression, including functions, dates, and undefined. When opening a file that ends with. JSON is a lightweight, text-based, language-independent syntax for defining data interchange formats. com again, if you want to create a class for your example JSON. Keys and values are separated by a colon. JSON jQuery Syntax. json2csharp is joining forces with quicktype to offer new and improved features including JSON attributes, PascalCase properties, modern C# syntax (nullables, expression members), Dictionary detection, class deduplication, and more. Packages are defined by a manifest file bower. when to prefer one over the other JSON. How to read JSON string in C# I think this part will be very easy for you. While creating JSONObject, we need to put key and value. JSON example can be created by object and array. In this example I will show you how to do Ajax with jQuery and how to process multidimensional JSON data table coming in through Ajax. Bug tracker Roadmap (vote for features) About Docs Service status. The following example shows how to use the JsonSlurper to parse a JSON string. It is described as in RFC 4627 standard. After i use UTF8Encode to change the "local string" to utf8,it parse well。 Thanks your job. Serialize List using Newtonsoft JSON serializer A point to be noted here is that, using the Newtonsoft JSON serializer package, we can serialize almost every data type (both user defined and predefined) and in this example we will serialize a list of. Terraform expects native syntax for files named with a. It's also a JSON File Editor. To deserialize JSON from a stream, use the method ReadObject(). Return the information about the API-connected user. This example is partly taken from a wine project which I was developing some time ago. Curly braces hold objects and each name is followed by ':' (colon), the name/value pairs are separated by , (comma). It shows your data side by side in a clear, editable treeview and in a code editor. Here is the list of JSON data types. json-syntax. JSON Select home page. On the project we did a lot of coding with Javascript and the main function was jQuery's Ajax. Tips & Tricks. JSON stores data in objects and arrays. The POJO's constructor:. We will use Spring latest version 4. Vue simple JSON example Posted 3 years ago by ashleywnj. Text can be read and used as a data format by any programming language. Yaml grammars have the exact same structure as a json based grammar but allow you to use yaml's more concise syntax, along with features such as multi-line strings and comments. YAML is a textual data format which is similar to JSON but uses a different syntax. If you're like the authors, you tried writing a encoding function that attempted to encode and decode by interrogating the types at runtime, maybe calling some method like asdict. I also focused on the REST architecture. This example shows how to parse a JSON string. This page explains the JSON syntax. As of version 8. It can represents integer, real number, string, an ordered sequence of value, and a collection of name/value pairs. JSONP (JSON with Padding or JSON-P) is a JavaScript pattern to request data by loading a tag. Third, you don't know for sure that any values exist inside the JSON, so you need to conditionally check for and unwrap the names value. JSON-RPC is a remote procedure call protocol encoded in JSON. The extends is a top-level property in tsconfig. JSONP (JSON with Padding or JSON-P) is a JavaScript pattern to request data by loading a tag. Square brackets hold the array, and commas separate values. Example app. This is the current officially released version of FHIR, which is R4 (v4. As of version 8. By default, it will place the parsed JSON in the root (top level) of the Logstash event, but this filter can be configured to place the JSON into any arbitrary event field, using the target. decode(self, txt) Example. However, I failed to find any example of how to target this within the json theme file. You can use the JsonParser to load a JSON stream from either a file or a buffer and then walk the hierarchy using the data types API. Moreover, it can be done without using of JQuery at all. A fast, private JSON-to-CSV converter. JSON or JavaScript Object Notation is a lightweight text-based open standard designed for human-readable data interchange. CSS may easily be expressed in JSON notation (CSS JSON). This example shows the JSON to specify a single 20 GiB Amazon Elastic Block Store (Amazon EBS) device to be mapped at /dev/sdb on the launching instance. Creating a JsonGenerator. Composer is the dependency manager for PHP and you are on a one-page-only documentation for this tool. You can then use the ConvertFrom-Json cmdlet to convert a JSON-formatted. stands for YAML ain't markup language and is a superset of JSON - Convert YAML to JSON. The purpose of JsonML is to provide a compact format for transporting XML -based markup as JSON which allows it to be losslessly converted back to its original form. Java JSON Tutorial Content: JSON Introduction JSON. We will use Spring latest version 4. The JSON Formatter was created to help with debugging. You can vote up the examples you like or vote down the ones you don't like. It can also be used as an efficient RPC transport protocol and compresses well using GZip. November 19, 2014 | CSS2 / CSS3. In this example, we'll use artists. JSON (or JavaScript Object Notation) is a lightweight, easy and popular way to exchange data. to_json() to denote a missing Index name, and the subsequent read_json() operation. It will return null if the input json string is invalid. The java JSON Jackson is a JSON library for Java It has very powerful data binding capabilities and provides a framework to serialize custom java objects to JSON and deserialize JSON back to Java objects. Add a characterless space: {. JSON-B is a standard binding layer for converting Java objects to/from JSON messages. json to set up apps on Heroku. The field/element/path extraction operators return NULL, rather than failing, if the JSON input does not have the right structure to match the request; for example if no such element exists. JSON Support¶. simple) provides us with classes that are used to parse and manipulate JSON in Java. NET type objects into JSON-encoded data and then deserialize data in the JSON. For example a json. We just saw an example that uses HTTP to get the content of a book. 65 Bytes Download. JSON or JavaScript Object Notation is a comma seperated data writing format. Note: This simple JSON example is based on a more-complicated JSON example here at assembla. jQuery getJSON, getJSON() is equivalent to a Ajax function with 'json' datatype, which can load JSON format data from server. In a JSON string, Amazon Redshift recognizes \n as a newline character and \t as a tab character. Let’s start by sending a Foo object to a Kafka Topic. In JSON, array values must be of type string, number, object, array, boolean or null. JSONPlaceholder is a free online REST API that you can use whenever you need some fake data. Copy, Paste and Validate. Notice: we created a KafkaTemplate since we are sending Java Objects to the Kafka topic that’ll automatically be transformed in a JSON byte[]. JSON Editor Online is a web-based tool to view, edit, and format JSON. expr For expr , you can specify any SQL expression that evaluates to a JSON object, a JSON array, a numeric literal, a text literal, or null. See other examples below. Example Colors JSON File This article series was rewritten in mid 2017 with up-to-date information and fresh examples. The json_path_string_literal parameter identifies the value or values you want to obtain from the JSON-formatted string. @ - symbol refers to the current object or element. The following example deserializes a JSON representation of an appliance object into a map that contains primitive data types and further collections of primitive types. Return Type. Terraform expects native syntax for files named with a. The syntax is designed to easily integrate into deployed systems that already use JSON, and provides a smooth upgrade path from JSON to JSON-LD. Tip: If you are not using JavaScript, you do not need to. json, that provides important information. JSON Example. Allows for easy conversion of JSON objects into semantically meaningful HTML. That is, it’s a way to hold bits of information, similar to a database. Most modern programming languages currently support JSON natively. The home of JSON Schema. Write and Publish on Leanpub. JSON is a lightweight, human-readable, efficient, and easy to understand data interchange format. It can also be used as an efficient RPC transport protocol and compresses well using GZip. JSON array can store string, number, boolean, object or other array inside JSON array. stringify() with localStorage. The example below simply takes a java object and spits out a json string. It is designed to be simple!. Visual Studio Code includes built-in JavaScript IntelliSense, debugging, formatting, code navigation, refactorings, and many other advanced language features. JSON with JavaScript; JSON HTTP using JQuery ; Use JSON to perform an HTTP request to retrieve data from a remote location. Fork on Github Download the Nuget package I’ve previously blogged about the premise behind JSON#. NET is a third party library which helps conversion between JSON text and. Because JSON syntax is derived from JavaScript object notation, very little extra software is needed to work with JSON within JavaScript. This is also a JSON visualizer tool to Visualise, Search JSON in Tree View. Live JSON generator to interactively create, edit and generate JSON objects. The properties are converted to field names, the field values are converted to property values, and the methods are removed. It's very simple and easy way to Edit JSON Data and Share with others. Editing JSON with Visual Studio Code. The following example shows a possible JSON representation describing a person. For info about the differences between JSON_VALUE and JSON_QUERY, see Compare JSON_VALUE and JSON_QUERY. MySQL Table. On November 14th of 2017, Firefox 57 was released, and JSONView stopped working. JSON Example. json to set up apps on Heroku. Let's say you write a simple blog and don't want to build a backend to write, edit and store your posts - but you want to conveniently consume this data as JSON - then Google Drive helps you with that. JSON would not have 1) comments and 2) the var keyword You don't have any comments in your JSON, but you should remove the var and start like this:. But more about that later. There can be a JSON Array. With the JSON-P 1. { "firstName": "John", "lastName" : "doe", "age" : 26, "address" : { "streetAddress": "naist street", "city" : "Nara", "postalCode" : "630-0192" }, "phoneNumbers. 2) This article describes the server side support for indexing JSON data in Oracle Database 12c Release 1 (12. The Object corresponding to the given JSON text. For updates about new posts, sites I find useful and the occasional rant you can follow me on Twitter. JSON and ECMAscript. In Jackson JSON API org. com', 'Active': true, 'CreatedDate': '2013-01-20T00:00:00Z', 'Roles': [ 'User. JsonElement. 9 supports JSON import! If you are using Typescript version 2. This tutorial will show you how to accomplish the mission easily. JSON is a lightweight, text-based, language-independent syntax for defining data interchange formats. json, VS Code provides features to make it simpler to write or modify the file's content. JSON Arrays, Strings, and Numbers become ColdFusion arrays, strings, and numbers. Transact-SQL Syntax Conventions. Working with JSON data in Java can be easy, but – like most anything in Java – there are a lot of options and libraries we can chose from. jq is written in portable C, and it has zero runtime dependencies. This file allows JSLint to be run from a web browser. decode(self, txt) Example. On this website you can find multiple JSON example, JSON formatter and beautifier to help you understand how to make a good JSON. c and the associated tutorial. Install on Red Hat; Install on Ubuntu. java The getBothResponse() method is capable of producing both xml and json response, if the client is requesting for an xml response it will produce xml response, if json then it will produce json response. This little tool hoped to solve the problem by formatting the JSON data so that it is easy to read and debug by human beings. Strings, ints—any objects—are supported. Also, you will learn to convert JSON to dict and pretty print it. simple example-read and write JSON GSON example-read and write JSON Jackson example - read and write JSON Jackson Streaming API - read and write JSON reading and writing JSON using json-simple. Validate the syntax of your JSON Schemas. login () with a domain key value to log directly into the domain of choice or alternatively switch from domain to domain. Json into my project, it running fine in iPhone iOS, and Android phone. generate c# classes from a json string or url. A note about JSON:API development Note that for the remainder of the 8. Select a JSON object or its subtree that matches your filter function. JSON is most commonly used in asynchronous HTTP requests. Creating a JsonGenerator. This example is partly taken from a wine project which I was developing some time ago. meta-left} and {. Have more. It is open source software and free for commercial purposes. dumps(o) is literally everything you need. For more information, see Using JSON with Google Data APIs. With JavaScript you can create an array of objects and assign data to it, like this:. post_receiver. Most of the times it's enough for us but if JSON is really huge and we don't want to have all of it in memory at once, Gson provides Streaming API too. This object type can store JSON data, in Oracle, persistently. Plus it pretty-prints the output JSON structure. In the following example, artistname is a name and Deep Purple is its value. It is primarily intended to be a way to use Linked Data in Web-based programming environments, to build interoperable Web services, and to store Linked Data in JSON-based storage engines. But, don't worry, you don't need to know JavaScript to work with JSON files, rather it is about the JSON syntax (format) itself. I'm definitely not enjoying javax. JSON stands for JavaScript Object Notation and was inspired by the object literals of JavaScript aka. Displaying the output of this method in a pre tag and adding some colors to the classes. The keys are strings and the values are the JSON types. JSON cannot represent functions or expressions. It is described as in RFC 4627 standard. To define a column whose data type is JSON, you use the following syntax:. JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is an efficient data encoding format that enables fast exchanges of small amounts of data between client browsers and AJAX-enabled Web services. Only operates on numbers and dates, where date values are simple integers (microseconds since the epoch). A JSON object is an unordered set of name/value pairs inserted between {} (curly braces). Another nonstandard extension to the JSON syntax, enabled with the allow_tags setting, are tagged values. They provide a DSL for producing output in the JSON format. Most of the times it's enough for us but if JSON is really huge and we don't want to have all of it in memory at once, Gson provides Streaming API too. x core first, and are backported to 8. In this example, the entire string is parsed into Invoice objects using the readValueAs method. YAML vs JSON. In the final example, the second path inserts nothing because the path no longer matches anything after the first insert. JSON Intro JSON Syntax JSON vs XML JSON Data Types JSON Parse JSON Stringify JSON Objects JSON Arrays JSON PHP Objects as values in JSON must follow the same. When opening a file that ends with. Initially it was made for JavaScript, but many other languages have libraries to handle it as well. Stdout or even HTTP response bodies. This page describes the native syntax of the Terraform language, which is a rich language designed to be easy for humans to read and write. Both REST and GraphQL use JSON exclusively, as a way to communicate data between applications. JSON Example. A JSON object is an unordered set of name/value pairs inserted between {} (curly braces). JSON Tutorial. How do I query documents, query top level fields, perform equality match, query with query operators, specify compound query conditions. stringify() and JSON. JSON tutorial for beginners and professionals provides deep knowledge of JSON technology. So our next example shows how to fetch some JSON data, allowing us to press a button to show random cat GIFs. Most of these features just work out of the box, while some may require basic configuration to get the best experience. implements JSON, List, Comparable A JSONArray is an ordered sequence of values. You can identify child values using. The fact-checkers, whose work is more and more important for those who prefer facts over lies, police the line between fact and falsehood on a day-to-day basis, and do a great job. Today, my small contribution is to pass along a very good overview that reflects on one of Trump’s favorite overarching falsehoods. Namely: Trump describes an America in which everything was going down the tubes under  Obama, which is why we needed Trump to make America great again. And he claims that this project has come to fruition, with America setting records for prosperity under his leadership and guidance. “Obama bad; Trump good” is pretty much his analysis in all areas and measurement of U.S. activity, especially economically. Even if this were true, it would reflect poorly on Trump’s character, but it has the added problem of being false, a big lie made up of many small ones. Personally, I don’t assume that all economic measurements directly reflect the leadership of whoever occupies the Oval Office, nor am I smart enough to figure out what causes what in the economy. But the idea that presidents get the credit or the blame for the economy during their tenure is a political fact of life. Trump, in his adorable, immodest mendacity, not only claims credit for everything good that happens in the economy, but tells people, literally and specifically, that they have to vote for him even if they hate him, because without his guidance, their 401(k) accounts “will go down the tubes.” That would be offensive even if it were true, but it is utterly false. The stock market has been on a 10-year run of steady gains that began in 2009, the year Barack Obama was inaugurated. But why would anyone care about that? It’s only an unarguable, stubborn fact. Still, speaking of facts, there are so many measurements and indicators of how the economy is doing, that those not committed to an honest investigation can find evidence for whatever they want to believe. Trump and his most committed followers want to believe that everything was terrible under Barack Obama and great under Trump. That’s baloney. Anyone who believes that believes something false. And a series of charts and graphs published Monday in the Washington Post and explained by Economics Correspondent Heather Long provides the data that tells the tale. The details are complicated. Click through to the link above and you’ll learn much. But the overview is pretty simply this: The U.S. economy had a major meltdown in the last year of the George W. Bush presidency. Again, I’m not smart enough to know how much of this was Bush’s “fault.” But he had been in office for six years when the trouble started. So, if it’s ever reasonable to hold a president accountable for the performance of the economy, the timeline is bad for Bush. GDP growth went negative. Job growth fell sharply and then went negative. Median household income shrank. The Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped by more than 5,000 points! U.S. manufacturing output plunged, as did average home values, as did average hourly wages, as did measures of consumer confidence and most other indicators of economic health. (Backup for that is contained in the Post piece I linked to above.) Barack Obama inherited that mess of falling numbers, which continued during his first year in office, 2009, as he put in place policies designed to turn it around. By 2010, Obama’s second year, pretty much all of the negative numbers had turned positive. By the time Obama was up for reelection in 2012, all of them were headed in the right direction, which is certainly among the reasons voters gave him a second term by a solid (not landslide) margin. Basically, all of those good numbers continued throughout the second Obama term. The U.S. GDP, probably the single best measure of how the economy is doing, grew by 2.9 percent in 2015, which was Obama’s seventh year in office and was the best GDP growth number since before the crash of the late Bush years. GDP growth slowed to 1.6 percent in 2016, which may have been among the indicators that supported Trump’s campaign-year argument that everything was going to hell and only he could fix it. During the first year of Trump, GDP growth grew to 2.4 percent, which is decent but not great and anyway, a reasonable person would acknowledge that — to the degree that economic performance is to the credit or blame of the president — the performance in the first year of a new president is a mixture of the old and new policies. In Trump’s second year, 2018, the GDP grew 2.9 percent, equaling Obama’s best year, and so far in 2019, the growth rate has fallen to 2.1 percent, a mediocre number and a decline for which Trump presumably accepts no responsibility and blames either Nancy Pelosi, Ilhan Omar or, if he can swing it, Barack Obama. I suppose it’s natural for a president to want to take credit for everything good that happens on his (or someday her) watch, but not the blame for anything bad. Trump is more blatant about this than most. If we judge by his bad but remarkably steady approval ratings (today, according to the average maintained by 538.com, it’s 41.9 approval/ 53.7 disapproval) the pretty-good economy is not winning him new supporters, nor is his constant exaggeration of his accomplishments costing him many old ones). I already offered it above, but the full Washington Post workup of these numbers, and commentary/explanation by economics correspondent Heather Long, are here. On a related matter, if you care about what used to be called fiscal conservatism, which is the belief that federal debt and deficit matter, here’s a New York Times analysis, based on Congressional Budget Office data, suggesting that the annual budget deficit (that’s the amount the government borrows every year reflecting that amount by which federal spending exceeds revenues) which fell steadily during the Obama years, from a peak of $1.4 trillion at the beginning of the Obama administration, to $585 billion in 2016 (Obama’s last year in office), will be back up to $960 billion this fiscal year, and back over $1 trillion in 2020. (Here’s the New York Times piece detailing those numbers.) Trump is currently floating various tax cuts for the rich and the poor that will presumably worsen those projections, if passed. As the Times piece reported: